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obligatory not dead post!

Yeah...so what is this livejournal thing again? ;)

Not but seriously, I do miss posting on here, but alas, I think now all my fannish activities are confined to tumblr and twitter mostly.

In case you are interested, here's where I am now:

  • twitter: god_wine (where I am terribly boring and post a lot about what I want to eat or how tourists get in my way as I am walking about)
  • tumblr: cetacean (which, being my ~pretty pictures~ blog, I endeavour to never post anything unsuperficial)
  • tumblr: commotionne (which I specifically created so I can post non-pretty/dialogue-y/fannish-but-unbeknownst-to-real-life/etc. things)
In case I've somehow missed your info, let me know what you social media handles are! :)

Fannishly, I am darting about Spartacus (why must you have ended???) which consists of a lot of looking at Dan Feuerriegel's face (and learning to spell/pronounce his last name apparently) and reading almost-mediocre to terribly bad fic. Seriously Spartacus, you have two hot guys being lovey-dovey and having sex on screen, a large ensemble cast that could believably all be bi, intrigue and fandom tropes galore, and yet no one I like writes in it. Can we please steal some (non-abominable) Teen Wolf people over?

(Aside: back when I was still very much enjoying Hoechlin's face, I went to a Teen Wolf signing thing at New York Comic Con where Tyler Posey was being his usual obnoxious idiot self, and I vaguely pointed it out to his face so we spent a brilliant time glaring at each other as he signed my DVD. But Jeff Davis was really lovely in person so I kind of felt bad about it afterwards.)

Also, quite enjoying Vikings. Kind of want a spin-off realty show of Travis Fimmel making George Blagden blush and/or tying him to things. <3
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I actually was just hunting for GK fic the other day....:/

(Just bought another year of paid LJ time primarily because apparently I am one of those silly people who actually used Scrapbook to host the pictures of accuratemortar. Silly silly rabbit.)

So I wish I had a fandom that I was actively into because I love the love of fandom but alas I am bereft.

But I have been pining for Generation Kill lately and as it coincidentally coincided with the recent fanfic => novel kerfuffle, I just want to say how not cool I think this is from a legal standpoint.

I think fanfic can slide by the thin ice of fair use to escape copyright infringement, but I think part of this is that it's not for profit and all good fun and might even encourage consumption of the underlying product, etc. However, if you turn that into a commercial product and publish it, I don't think there is anyway to say it's fair use when you're outright taking another person's characters and making money off of them without their consent. And this is why I actually wish Stephanie Meyer had sued the pants off the 50 Shades of Grey person because I think that actually might give us more legal protection - to say, ok, obviously that is illegal, but we are not doing that when we write fanfic.

But with GK in particular, ok, I admit I am not personally bothered by the possibility of exposure because I think it's already out there enough that it's hard for us to say it's a truly underground entity. On the other hand, I know that many people in GK fandom, many people who have put their love and their effort and their being into this fandom, feel differently. And I think it's absolutely abominable to disregard everyone else's wishes for your own personal gain. Because when that fanfic author made the decision to publish, she didn't just decide for herself that this was the level of exposure she was comfortable with, she dragged all of the rest of fandom to that level.

And that is so not cool.

If you want to be a part of community, then take the rest of the community's feeling into consideration when you act. In other words, don't be an asshole, kthxbye.
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(no subject)

So now that Avengers fics are flowing in, my dream is that I'll finally get a Tony/Steve and Thor/Loki fic. Because every time I'm enjoying some Tony/Steve, I get Thor and Loki acting cute in the background and I keep hoping they get together but inevitably nothing happens and my little heart is left yearning, alas.
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(This is actually my second all-consuming crush on Liam Neeson. He is that fucking awesome.)

Dear World,

Forget everyone else - clearly Liam Neeson and I were meant to be together forever and ever. And not just because he's Qui-Gon Jinn! ;)

More importantly, I know everyone's been talking about Liam Neeson's bit in Life's Too Short, but it really is that funny! Since I first saw it last week, I've been wanting to rewatch it like crazy (and then trying to stop myself because that probably would be crazy). But in case you haven't seen it, here's Liam Neeson ~failing~ to ~do comedy~ (OMG SO FUNNY I CAN'T EVEN):

(Also, this Behind the Scenes video is hilarious to see Ricky Gervaise/cast cracking up too! Especially when he mentions Liam's whole closing his eyes thing!)
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On the other hand, I now think "g'day" and "stuffed" are perfectly normal and ok to say all the time

Man, I have such a desire to write about boys being dumb and miscommunicating and having ~feelings~ or something. Alas, I am so fandomless right now it's not even funny. (Except for McLeod's Daughters, which despite me not having any desire to check if indeed there is a fandom there, has also completely taken over my brain and now I just daydream about being in Austrialia and running a ranch and riding horses and being surrounded by hot Austrailia boys. [Seriously, are all the men there six feet tall and tan and have gorgeous biceps? What is the deal?])

Anyways, I am so completely rubbish at prompt posts of any sort but if anyone can think of anything that I should be writing, please let me know!

Also, here are some awesome things that are now back for my viewing pleasure: Downton Abbey, Community, Modern Family, Castle, *ahem*Glee*ahem* IDK ok, I am week to their poppy music and their choreographed dance routines and I can watch almost any ~comedy.
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Also, my shelves slope in unfortunate ways so there's that.

Hi, I am officially not dead. And also officially not in Hawaii anymore!

Facts I learned about Hawaii:

1. It is very small. Like REALLY small. Even Big Island.

2. It's not Hawai'i - it's Hawai`i! Now when you see people trying to add ' (instead of `) all over the places, you will know they are posers too!

3. Big Island is like a tropical New Mexico. With volcanos. AND IT'S AWESOME. Especially horseback riding there.

[4. Also now I can't read H50 fic without finding a million Very Wrong Things. For example, the other day I was reading about Danny going to the ABC for a candybar and I thought, "Why yes, any sane person would go out of their way to crowded Waikiki - the only place besides Ala Moana that has ABC Stores - to get charged twice the amount they would pay at a non-tourist trap store...WHY ARE YOU SO LAME AUTHOR???" The moral of this story is of course: ABC Stores suck.]

Also, I am back in law school and "moved into"* a even smaller/worse room for more money. Yay! I should have just lived with the extra roommate and kept my old place. :/

* By which I mean, I took the bus down from Boston on Friday night, drove up from Jersey on Saturday morning, dumped all my stuff in my room, drove back to avoid being trapped into the city with no food/water (and restaurants potentially closing), and got stuck in Jersey until this morning when trains finally started running again. Good times!

So that is my life. I am re-enjoying The Magnificent Seven right now (Chris Larabee: hot guy or THE HOTTEST GUY OF ALL TIME?). What are you up to flist? ♥
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(no subject)

Dear Flist,

Does any have recommendations for a cheap, reliable webhosting service? Namely for an online university journal using Wordpress? I'm suppose to be researching them and I admit, I haven't looked into web hosting since about highschool. :/

P.S. Hawaii is awesome but now I keep wrinkling my brow at when H50 stories ~get it wrong~ (you know, especially when the author is clearly doing something they think is localish but just really shows they have no idea).
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Man, it warms my heart to know I had a pre-existing J. Flan tag.

I was looking at this picture that JFlan tweeted and aside from my initial thought of omg why is JFlan going into surgery??? (even though he is still joking about boozing it up so I'm sure he's fine), can I point out that HIS HAIR REALLY IS LIKE THAT NATURALLY. I mean, it's like nice and soft and completely gel/product-free and yet it is still doing it's amazing artful gravity defiance. Oh Shepard, we have judged you to harshly!

Also, JFlan has a lot of shoulder/chest freckles. Why have I not read the fic where Rodney touches each one softly, like a secret, while John's asleep?
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Non-spoilery H50 thoughts...

...because I think all my spoilery thoughts have been covered by the internet exploding over Monday's GAYEST EPISODE EVER. No for real, all my peeps should watch it just to enjoy how gay it is. (And because Kualoa Ranch is one of the most gorgeous places on Earth.)

Anyways, so I was just thinking about how shipping Chin and Kono squicks me so hard whereas I'm totally down with Dean and Sam. And it has nothing to do with procreational ability or me having cousins versus siblings or whatnot. I think it's just that I'm not really a yay! incest! person at heart, and Chin and Ko just seem really cool bro-y friends/cousins versus Sam and Dean who seem like star-crossed lovers. So star-crossed lovers trumps relatives for me but if you're related and just get along well and care about each other, sorry, no go.

But also, Danny and Steve are the gayest boyfriends on tv right now, so there's that. ♥

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