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The Eames/Arthur Survival Guide [1/2]

I've fallen hard for Eames/Arthur, but it wasn't until the second time I watched Inception that I really appreciated all their little moments together. If you share my problem and haven't had a chance for a rewatch yet or if you'd just like to jog your memory, I give you:

The Eames/Arthur
"I only saw the movie once and
I was too busy keeping up with the *plot*"
Survival Guide

A (hopefully?) comprehensive guide to all your Eames/Arthur scenes!

(I apologize in advance for the low quality of the screencaps, but alas, it was all I had to work with. Also, this post is image heavy (no .gifs though) and of course contains massive spoilers for the movie.)

The real world:

SCENE 1 (~33min)

Ariadne leaves, fearing Cobb's mental stability. Cobb tells Arthur to teach her maze building when she returns.

Arthur: Where are you going to be?

Cobb: I gotta go visit Eames.

Arthur: Eames? Oh, he's in Mombasa. It's Cobol's backyard.

Cobb: A necessary risk.

Arthur: There's plenty of good thieves.

Cobb: We don't just need a thief. We need a forger.

SCENE 2 (~35min)

Cobb tracks down Eames and brings up the idea of inception. Cobb points out that Arthur thinks it can't be done.

Eames: Huh, Arthur. You still working with that stick-in-the-mud?

Cobb: He is good at what he does, right?

Eames: Oh, he's the best. But he has no imagination.

Cobb: Not like you.

SCENE 3 (~46min)

Eames details his plan to impersonate Browning in the first level of Robert Fisher's dream. Fisher's projection of Browing should then feed the suggestions from the first level back to him in the second.

Arthur: So he gives himself the idea?

Eames: Precisely. That's the only way it'll stick, he has to see himself generate it.

Arthur (♥_♥): Eames, I am impressed.

Eames: I love you too.Your condescension, as always, is much appreciated Arthur, thank you.

SCENE 4 (~49min)

Cobb explains the need for Fischer to have a positive emotional encounter with his father in his dream for inception to work.

Eames: Alright, well try this. Umm... My father accepts that I want to create for myself, not follow in his footsteps.

Cobb: That might work.

Arthur: Might? We're going to need to do a little better than might.

Eames: Thank you for your contribution Arthur.
Arthur: Forgive me for wanting a little specificity, Eames.
Eames: *gives Arthur a look and mouths "specificity?"*
Arthur: Specificity.

SCENE 5 (~50min)

Inception! No, jk, Eames lays out the plan within the dreamscape.

SCENE 6 (~50min)

The team discusses how long they will be under and how they will get out.

Ariadne: What's a kick?

Eames: This, Ariadne, would be a kick.

SCENE 7 (~52min)

Yusuf tests the kick.

Yusuf: *pushes Arthur over*
Eames: *laughs and laughs*

Continued in part 2.
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